Practice Areas

Construction Law:

I work in all phases of the construction process, from document preparation through project completion and any resulting litigation.  I provide contract drafting and negotiation, lien advice, claims preparation, and problem-solving.  I have extensive experience in design, specification, and construction means and methods.  I am familiar with residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family projects, and site development.  My clients are in all facets of the construction industry -- general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, owners, developers, architects, and engineers.

We prepare and serve all lien and bond documents at fixed prices including: Notice to Owner, Claim of Lien, Contractor’s Final Payment Affidavit, Notice of Contest of Lien, Notice to Contractor, Notice of Non-Payment, Miller Act Notice, Request for Sworn Statement of Account, and partial and final releases of lien.  We can assist you with your partial and final payment applications.

Construction Litigation:

We handle construction disputes in mediation, arbitration, settlement, and court.  These disputes include claims of lien, private payment bonds, public payment bonds under Section 255.05 (Florida Statutes), federal Miller Act bonds, negligent design, defective construction, undisbursed or wrongfully allocated construction proceeds, unjust enrichment, breach of warranty, breach of contract, and insurance coverage denials.

Commercial Litigation:

In addition to construction litigation, I have represented a wide variety of clients in many types of disputes. These include payment disputes, leases and landlord-tenant disputes, contracts, purchase and sale agreements, labor issues, insurance coverage, licensing complaints, and professional negligence.  I seek to avoid litigation whenever possible by exploring opportunities for early resolution through mediation or informal settlement. But once litigation or arbitration becomes necessary, I work hard to achieve the best outcome for my clients.

I have successfully tried cases in county, civil, and federal courts throughout the state of Florida. When the need for formal dispute resolution arises, I try cases.


All trials are not won; by definition, some party loses.  (My mentor, decades ago, told me that the only trial lawyers who don't lose cases are those who don't try enough cases.)  I have successfully represented clients in appeals and look forward to doing so again.

Mortgage Foreclosures:

Mortgages are security agreements in real estate.  Construction liens are security agreements in real estate.  My experience with construction liens led me to defend owners, commercial and residential, facing foreclosure.

Many people assume that if a lender starts foreclosure proceedings the defendant owes the money and has no real defense. However, federal and state law provide certain rights and options to those facing foreclosure, whether it is a negotiation for reduced payments, reduction or deferral of principal, forgiveness of debt, or other solutions.  Oftentimes, defending foreclosure claims allow owners to reach a solution that allows them to keep their property.

Because lenders use experienced attorneys to pursue foreclosures, it is important for any owner who is facing foreclosure to likewise hire an experienced attorney to defend their interests.

Criminal Law:

Our Of Counsel lawyer regularly defends individuals facing criminal charges, especially DUI allegations. I have also successfully handled criminal allegations of unlicensed contracting.

Animal Law:

Dawn is a licensed dog breeder.  On most days, we bring our Samoyeds to the office. Her knowledge and contacts with professional dog breeders have led us to assist in the legal issues that confront animal owners.